about the mentalist collective

“Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion” – Stephen Jay Gould

The above quote sums up the philosophy behind the Mentalist Collective, an ever evolving musical group that thrives on the addition and subtraction of different members, instrumentation and influences.

Although the Mentalist Collective primarily focuses on original composition, creating unique arrangements of many well known songs by other popular artists such as Muse, Jake Bugg and even Lorde is another beautiful string to their ever expanding bow.

Originally formed by three core members Brendan Christie, Scott Campbell and now former member Seamus McCarthy, the Mentalist Collective thrives on it’s live performances which showcase the vast array of different instruments and songwriting styles of its ever-changing lineup. The two remaining original members recruited Rob Milne in late 2014 and began writing new material. Vocalist Danie Erickson joined shortly after and finally Simon Christie joined to form the current lineup.

Rob Milne

Simon Christie

Danie Erickson

Brendan Christie

Scott Campbell

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